No Glue Glitter Gold Slime


No Glue Glitter Gold Slime!

Hey welcome back to my channel today we are making a No Glue Glitter Gold Slime DIY (Making No Glue Slime)! I really love making slime and when you add dish soap to the mixture it’s awesome since there is no glue.

It may clean your hands and you may have fun with the dish soap no glue slime! If you love making really cool slime this one will be your favorite one of all. The colors are amazing and you can see the sparkle of the gold in the sun.

While there are so many slime recipes out there. This dish soap gold slime requires no glue just dish soap and cornstarch with some oil to make this slime not so sticky. If you would like to play with this slime make sure you are gentle with this slime and if the slime dries out just add more oil.

The oil really makes this slime smooth and fun to play with. I really enjoy the beautiful colors of this slime and would recommend you try making this slime it can really keep you occupied for hours and is very relaxing.

I never really thought about making no glue dish soap slime, but I thought if we could make a no glue butter slime! I am sure we could make one with dish soap. I want to know what is your favorite slime to make?

Do you have any favorites from the channel if any at all?? I think my favorite slime that I have made is a Duo Chrome and holographic slime. They are just the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

They sparkle and have lots of life and are pretty, sparkly and just bright! I will be leaving all the links down below where you can get the ingredients.

No Glue Glitter Gold Slime Recipe:


½ cup cornstarch

¼ cup dish soap (use any you like)

2-4 tbsps. Oil (I used sunflower oil)

2 tbsps. Gold Glitter

For the No Glue Glitter Gold Slime Recipe Please watch the Video! Thank you!


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