Presenting Stitch Labs – Small business owners and aspiring professional crafters, this one’s for you.


Many a mom has dreamed of running her own craft business– me included. My Etsy shop never got big enough to merit any sort of organizational system, but if it had, I suspect I would be totally lost, much like Lucy was in that candy factory. Inventory, shipping, and labels, oh my!

When your product rocks, it gets complicated fast.

Consider us thrilled by this new online business management tool just for crafters and creators, developed by one of our own favorite successful crafters. And it offers a free trial, too.

Stitch Labs is the latest venture by our pal Willo O’Brien from Willotoons, which means there’s a cool business owner herself that you can trust at the helm. The minds behind the premise believe that running an inventory-based business should be simple, intuitive, comprehensive, and well-supported. In other words, when you have a problem, you don’t go into a phone queue and wait to speak to someone in India. It means the business owners at Stitch Labs pick up the phone and walk you through the solutions you’re hoping for.

We haven’t tried it, but it was all the buzz at SxSW this year with the crafting community, including earning Best in Show in the Techcocktail startup competition. And the current customer roster is already pretty impressive, from letterpress studios to jewelers to a very cool San Francisco footwear company.

Intrigued? The overview video makes it seem so easy, and the interface for entering, maintaining, shipping, and tracking inventory is elegantly simple.

stitchlabs spread sheet
If your handmade necklaces or knitted caps are starting to build up in your craft room like so many delicious chocolates on a Lucy Ricardo-style conveyor belt, you might want to give that free trial a closer look. After all, you can’t just stuff them in your mouth and hope no one notices.~Delilah
Try Stitch Labs for free for 30 days, which doesn’t require a credit card or
forking over your firstborn. (See? Willo really does get small biz
owners!) After that, prices start at $12 per month for a one-person

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