Spray Paint fixes Everything


Do you love a steal? I do, I do! So when I was at the Goodwill dropping off some donations, I thought I would go in and see if I could find anything to fix up.

Halfway through painting I realized I forgot to take before Pictures of most of my items! Ah, sorry guys. So here are a few before and during pictures.

When I say that I use Rustoleum Spray Paint for everything, I mean everything! It is seriously so easy to use! My favorite color is heirloom white in a satin finish here. I started spraying the mirrors on the bottom left and realized it was smokey beige, but I liked it still, so I left it. The right is heirloom white. Some of the frames let me pull the glass out, but on the mirrors I taped them off with paper.

With Rustoleum alone, they have a crisp clean finish that you can see below. I wanted a distresses look, so I used Valspar Antique Glaze, and brushed it on lightly with a small paintbrush.

Can you believe how they turned out!? The candlestick on the far left and far right were the ones from good will for .49 cents!!!! The large mirrors were $4 each, the small mirror was $2 as was the frame on the left. That cake stand in the middle was once teal!! Stacks of Books, Goodwill too!! The crown was from Hobby Lobby for 14.99 but 50% off. It was black, so you guessed it, I painted it. The olive bucket was $1 at hobby lobby in their 75% off section. I spent a total of $20 at the Goodwill and not everything is pictured.

Crystal candle holder was from Burlington 50% off missing a few crystals, $3.50

These two frames were free at a garage sale!

Painted this antique free dresser with Rustoleum.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, this is Rustoleum Spray Paint.

Far left is the heirloom white, middle smokey beige, and the handle is sold separate, you don’t need it, but it saves your hands from getting paint on them. It’s $6 and reusable. I should mention that I think home depot is the only one that has this color and brand. The spray paint is about $3 each, but it goes fast! For a dresser, you need about 5 cans. I always keep it on hand in my garage for projects. The Valspar glaze is Lowe’s, the glaze will last years! You only need a tiny bit, and the jar is about $6.

This dresser was free on the side of the road. Heirloom white spray and heavy antiquing with the glaze. Mercury glass knobs from Hobby Lobby.

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