Adding Items to Your Etsy Shop That Will Definitely Sell

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OMG, you know that thing where inventory costs $$??

Have you ever wanted to GROW your Etsy shop…or maybe expand and sell something new…

But you weren’t sure how to do it because you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a product that doesn’t SELL??

So in today’s Six Minute Makeover, our Tribe Member is trying to figure out how she can GROW her Etsy shop…

But instead of dropping hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars on some new product — she wants to be 100% SURE that what she adds will make her money.

And um, let’s just say this:

When you do something right the FIRST time

Believe it or not, you can use this thing called DATA to figure out what you should be selling online.

Instead of spending $$ BEFORE you ever sell anything, you can do research (that literally takes 5 minutes) — and KNOW FOR SURE that what you’re making will **fly off your shelves**.

Um…I’m just gonna repeat that cause it was super important:

I just told you that you should never spend a SINGLE DOLLAR on inventory before you know for SURE that something will sell on Etsy.

And TRUST ME — just because you see someone selling something online…doesn’t mean they’re actually selling A LOT of it…for all you know, they’re making ZERO money!!

Don’t just ASSUME that what you see on Etsy is worth selling.

That’s how you wind up with a garage full of items that COLLECT DUST ⇣ ⇣

What happens to people who don’t do their research!!

I’m gonna show you how to do the RIGHT kind of RESEARCH…you’ll learn how to find items that are ACTUALLY selling on Etsy.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that someone else is selling that thing you want to make…

Do your research and you’ll KNOW whether that item worth your time AND money!

Spoiler Alert: most of the time, the TRUE bestsellers on Etsy aren’t what you’d expect!

⇣ Watch me show our seller how to research new items like a badass ⇣

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