14 Botanical Wildflower Clipart!

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14 Botanical Wildflower Clipart

Today we have a beautiful collection of Botanical Wildflower Clipart! There’s something so joyful about Wildflowers… don’t you think? They are delicate, but hardy, beauties that can survive in the most unlikely places, often they are tiny little gems that can easily be missed, unless you are watching for them… at other times they amass to create quite a show, not to be outdone by their cultivated cousins. All of the floral images featured below are from a Circa 1859-1860 Botanical Wildflower Book in my collection. We have a variety of wildflowers for you … lovely purple, sunny yellow, sweet pink, and creamy white. I am sure you will find something to use in this sweet collection. So nice for your Handmade Card or Stationery Projects.

Purple Botanical Wildflower Images

This is a gorgeous tall Purple Flower Botanical Illustration. I love the vivid colors in this one. The tiny periwinkle blue flowers show you my favorite color. The flowers are at the top of the stem in a teardrop cluster. The tiny purple buds shoot out the sides and the top is a beautiful yellow.

Shown here is an Antique Botanical Wildflower. This is a bright purple Bell Flower. There is a cluster of star petaled flowers at the top of the stem. The yellow centers glow from within the flower. Nice!

Here is another lovely Botanical Wild Flower! This image shows some purple hued Bell Flowers. Their star shaped leaves are just beautiful.This is another gorgeous Floral Graphic from the Circa 1859 Book! This stem shows large purple multi petaled flowers with yellow and white centers. The leaves are a nice rust color in contrast.

Here we have a Botanical Graphics of a flower called Speedwell. I love the pastel coloration of this image. The tall stem shows large bulb shaped florets with pale yellow bases and lavender flowers. Such a sweet drawing.Isn’t this a stately Botanical WildFlower? This tall purple blossom resembles a tulip to me. I love that the inside of the flower is a warm reddish purple hue and the exterior is a cool blue purple.Above is a nice Floral Graphics from the Wildflower Book! This purple hued flower is unusual with its red triangular stamens. I love the curve of this stem.
Here is a shapely Vintage Wildflower Botanical Illustration. The flowers are a lovely shade of lavender with darling pink accents. These remind me of a clover flower with the rounded, spherical florets with many spikes. The thin stems and leaves are hairy.

This is another Botanical Graphics of a Speedwell. The above picture features a cluster of pretty Blue Flowers at the top of a stalk. Each of the tiny flowers has yellow and white accents in the middle. The large leaves are a blue green color.

Sunny Yellow Botanical Wildflower Clipart

The elegant Vintage Wildflower Drawing is delicate and beautiful! This flower has a large radiant, sunny yellow blossom with five rounded petals. There is a hint of blush on the little buds at the top of the illustration. Sweet!

Sweet Pink Wildflower Pictures

I believe this flower is a type of Speedwell. This is a bright Pink one featuring four pointed petals! It has a cluster of buds at the top of the tall stalk.

Isn’t this a sweet Vintage Botanical Wildflower? This one is a Pink Bell flower on bright grass green stems!

This is a lovely Vintage Flower Images! I love the delicate looking Baby Pink Bells clustered in this drawing! The group of five drooping bell shaped flowers have unusual yellow bottoms or tops depending on how you look at them. Cute!

White Botanical Illustration

Above we have a wonderful Botanical Illustration! Shown above is a white wildflower illustration. The five petaled flowers and buds have yellow centers.


I hope you enjoyed this lovely curated collection of Botanical Wildflower Clipart!! You might also like the Over 350 Images in our Botanicals Archives HERE or the 750+ Images in our Floral Archives HERE!

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