How to write an effective “About Us” page on your website


If you own a business, there’s a 100% chance that you have competition (and if you think you don’t, think again! In fact, go check out this article we have on competitive research! So how do you show potential customers and clients that you’re the one to go with when it comes to the products and services you offer? Your website! In particular, the “about us” page of your website.

As much as we’d all like to have the opportunity to talk to our target audience face to face and give them the heartfelt story of why we do what we do, this just isn’t going to happen in most cases. The good news? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90% of consumers do research online before making a purchasing decision. The question is… when they find your business, what will they see?

Your website isn’t just a place to sell your products or services. It’s the virtual identity of your business and your opportunity to communicate 24/7 to potential customers who are searching for you – without actually doing any work. One of the most under-utilized (or not used at all) sections of websites is the “About Us” page. This is one section that can allow a customer to immediately connect with your brand. Here’s how:

Tell your story

You have a unique story. No one else can do exactly what you do exactly the way you do it. Your website is your chance to tell people what you’re all about. What inspired you to start your business? How long have you been passionate about the space you’re in? Who do you like to help? Most people want to buy from those who love what they’re doing and are invested in it. This should be the first part of your about us page.

Share your why

Your story typically connects to WHY you started the business, and that’s your mission statement. Your why and your mission statement also tie into your experience and expertise.

It’s not a mystery why those with the most experience are often chosen for jobs. Experience tends to correlate to better (and sometimes faster when it comes to services) work, so don’t shy away from talking about how long you’ve been working in your space. Don’t have a lot of experience? Focus more on your education or your specialties.

Differentiate yourself, and share your values and beliefs

If it occurred to you to start a business in the first place, you likely did so because you weren’t satisfied with what was available to solve the problem you had. And if you had a problem, others probably experienced it as well, so it’s important to communicate your solution on your website. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What do you believe about the way things are? The problems your customer/client is experiencing?
  • How does your business fit into the bigger picture?
  • How do you do it differently than others?
  • Why is this better than everything else they’ve tried?

The result of a well-written about us page? Building know, like, and trust

What’s the result of telling your story, sharing your mission, experience, and values? You’re laying down a foundation of trust with your customer or client – possibly before you even interact with them. They have a better sense of your personality and values and may be able to relate to some of the information you’ve shared.

Bottom line: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were trying to decide between a business that made no effort to give their customers or clients basic info, and a business that gave you a wealth of information on who they are, which would you choose? A great “About Us” section doesn’t take much time, but it could absolutely give you that edge against the competition – especially if they’re one of the businesses who’ve ignored this section. So why not?

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Tips for writing your “About Us” page

  1. Use what you already have. It’s entirely possible you already have great content to use for the “About Us” section. If you wrote a business plan before you got started, the executive summary will contain some of this info (albeit in a more formal tone). If you have brochures or other printed material, you’ve likely put together something about your mission there, too. If you’re stumped, try looking through customer reviews and testimonials. Sometimes satisfied clients can say it best!
  2. Avoid jargon and buzzwords. Authenticity beats telling people what they want to hear every time. Using buzzwords can be a quick turnoff for potential customers.
  3. Be honest. Don’t assume that the ups and downs you’ve experienced in your business shouldn’t be part of your story. Sharing things you’ve overcome can actually help people relate to you and show your dedication to your business.
  4. Stay humble. As much as this section is about YOU, it’s really about them. Your customer has to understand why you’re a fit for them and they don’t typically don’t want to work with someone who is too self-obsessed to address their needs. Try to avoid puffery and focusing on how terrific you are, and focus it more on how you can make others’ lives better through your product or service.
  5. Stay true to your brand. Your website should be a reflection of your brand as a whole. So whether you’re fun, educational, serious, or high-brow, visitors should feel that while learning about your company in the language, images, and even the fonts you use.
  6. Get creative. The written word is not the only way to communicate. If you have the skills, why not tell your audience about your business in a video or graphic? Make your “About Us” page a true reflection of your brand by communicating your way.

(Writer’s Note: This post was updated in February 2021)

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