3D Paper Snowman Craft


Do you want to know how to make a paper snowman 3D? We’ve got you covered with this super easy and fun 3D PAPER SNOWMAN CRAFT. We’re sure you’ll agree these frosty fellows are so adorably cute with their pot bellies and big smiles! Who could resist?

This Winter craft for kids is easy to make with the PAPER SNOWMAN TEMPLATE. It comes with two fun hats to choose from and colour in. These unique snowman crafts are great for Winter or Christmas and would look adorable stuck to the front of a Christmas card!

Scroll on down to see how to make your own 3D snowman and to get your printable snowman craft template.

(Post and product updated 4/7/20)

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3D Paper Snowman Craft Tutorial

Preschool Snowman Craft Supplies:

How To Make A Snowman Craft 3D From Paper

1 – Download and print your Snowman Template. 

2 – Colour in the snowman’s nose, stick arms and a hat of your choice (or draw your own.)

3 – Carefully cut out all the snowman craft pieces.

4 – Glue the twig arms onto the back of the snowman so they stick out at each side. Then glue the snowman onto your sheet of blue card. (It’s fun to not glue the hands so that they can be bent forwards to make the snowman even more 3D.)

5 – Use your marker pens to draw on the snowman’s eyes and smile. Then glue on his Winter hat and the base of his nose. (Don’t glue the length of the nose, so it can be pulled off the paper a little to add to the 3D  effect.)

6 – Fold your four paper strips along the dotted  lines.

7 – Apply glue to the folded over pieces and glue an arch of paper horizontally across the snowman’s tummy. Use the photo above as a guide.

8 – Repeat this process with two other paper strips, this time going diagonally.

9 – On your last paper strip draw on some coal buttons with your marker pen and glue the strip vertically from top to bottom to complete the snowman’s pot belly.

10 – Finish off your 3D paper snowman craft with painted snowflakes. We like to dot white paint onto the paper using the handle end of a small paintbrush.

We hope you like this round bellied snowman idea as much as we do. Paper crafts for kids are so fun aren’t they!

Click here to get your Printable 3D Snowman Craft Template.

(Please note: This post and template has been updated 4/7/20 and there is a small charge. We thank you for your support. For the rest of 2020 if you are really unable to afford the template you can write to [email protected] We will do our best to reply within 10 working days to try to help you.)

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3D Paper Snowman Craft


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