How I made $900 in a weekend selling printables!


How to Make Money Selling Printables

This is a question I get all the time. This post has been my most popular post since the month it was published. With over 100,000 people reading this article I felt I needed to really improve it and best answer your question: How do I make money selling printables?

How I First Made Money with Printables

Each year the town I grew up in, holds it’s annual Market Street Festival. Market street is lined with food vendors and craft vendors. I love attending and walking around to shop.

One year, however, I actually decided to sell my printable artwork. By the end of the day, I had $900 in sales! This was an amazing feat because I was a stay at home mom and that money went really far for us!

Since then my business has evolved and I no longer work festivals or sell through Facebook groups. Now 90% of my income is generated from my website: affiliate sales, product sales, sponsored content, and ads. The truth is now I make more money teaching women to create their dream online business.

How You Can Make Money Selling Printables!

The Resources:

If you have a flair for the creative, creating and selling photography or digital products might be for you. There are plenty of resources for creating materials.

My personal favorites being:

PicMonkey has an easy to use program with clip art and fonts already integrated into their site. It is very user-friendly, I would highly recommend it for beginners.

If you are really serious about getting started with digital printables and graphics I strongly suggest that you get the paid version of PicMonkey, it’s well worth the upgrade. I recorded a short video tutorial to get you started with Picmonkey here.

Finding Amazing Graphics

Getting started is easy with a few free resources. When I create my printables I like to use clip art to enhance my educational printables. For the other types of printables that I make, clip art helps them look good. I also love to support other small business owners by purchasing their clip art!

To get started here are some places to find clip art is so nice because everything is free for commercial use but the choices are limited. You can buy clip art to use in your work from sellers on Etsy and Creative Market– just be sure to read the terms of use.

StockUnlimited is great because it is an inexpensive stock photo site with clip art and they have great deals that run all the time. I have a lifetime membership! I use stock photos for my blog so StockUnlimited is dual purpose for me!

Finding Good Fonts

I use different fonts that I find on PicMonkey or buy from Etsy or Creative Market. Sometimes I will make my own images/fonts in a bind using my graphic tablet but honestly, if you are just getting started that is for another day!

If you use a font from PicMonkey you can Google the font specifically, to see if it is available for commercial use. Sometimes the creator only asks for a small donation via PayPal to use their font commercially. Each week creative market offers freebies and I have acquired some great fonts from them as well.

Invest In Yourself

When I got started, I was a total cheapskate. I purchased no tools to help me grow my business. I never took paid training on blogging or online business. Somewhere along the way though I had a change of heart and saw that I was going to have to invest in order to grow. There is plenty of free information online, but it takes time to sort through what works and what doesn’t. Paid training gives you the opportunity to grow without wasting valuable time.


How Do I Sell Printables?

When you have your digital product made and ready to sell, there are also plenty of places to offer them. If you have your own blog you could sell via a plugin platform like Woocommerce. Etsy also has a widget for bloggers.

Selling On Etsy

Utilizing the free resources listed I was recently able to open and stock an Etsy store for free. If you would like to open your own Etsy store with 40 free listings you can follow my referral link here.

This is truly the best way to test your business because there is only your time involved. You don’t have to worry about throwing money away on a business that might not succeed. The bonus with a digital business like this is once you have created your product, it’s a mostly passive income.

Sell Locally

Even if opening an Etsy store isn’t for you creating printable art and selling it locally might be an option instead. I have sold items on both a local Facebook site and at local street fairs. Like I mentioned, I actually made a nice profit of $900 in one weekend thanks to street fairs.

I found photos of local landmarks or beautifully shot pictures of flowers sell nicely in a street fair setting. You can place typography over your photos or sell them plain. I do both. I also usually mount my photos in a frame like.

Presentation of Your Print Locally

I also usually mount my photos in a frame like this one. I use Shutterfly codes to print my images or I print them at Staples. It usually costs $4 or $5 to print and frame a photo and I charge $15-$25 at local street fairs. As you can see I usually walk away with a nice profit. I use my Canon T5 to shoot most of my pictures, and I highly recommend this for beginners!

If you’re interested in learning more about creating printables, you can learn how to start your own printables you need to sign up for the DIY Printables Workshop. It has all you need to know about creating printables from tutorials on my favorite programs to how to group and flatten your documents. I will also show you how to add watermarks and more to protect your work! Don’t spend months trying to figure it out. Invest in yourself today.

Don’t forget to check out my update on how I now bring in $5000 (and growing) a month with my digital products!

*this post has referral and affiliate links from which I may earn a small commission or gain free products. These links do not affect the article in any way.

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