How To Make Your Etsy Business Thrive


How To Make Your Etsy Business Thrive

Whether you currently have an Etsy business or are deciding if you want to start one, these tips will be extremely helpful to you! Having your own Etsy shop might seem like a breeze: just list, sell, ship – right? Wrong! There are tons of other things you need to do to make your Etsy business thrive. Missing any of these components can lose you a lot of business! So how do you make your Etsy business thrive?

Business cards.
Business cards are not optional! These are an absolute must-have for running a succesful and thriving business on Etsy. Getting yourself out there and making sure you make connections is very important! There are tons of scenarios in which you could meet someone and having a business card is essential. For instance, if you’re purchasing craft supplies and someone at the stores asks what you’re making, if you’re wearing the products you sell out and about and somebody asks about it, or even if you have friends who ask if you sell the crafts you make! Business cards are a great way to be remembered.

Social media!
You’re probably familiar with social media a bit, but as a business tool it’s entirely different! Using social media to gain exposure for your business is one of the best tips for helping your Etsy business thrive. Many successful Etsy shop owners have a great social media presence on both Facebook and Pinterest. Keep that in mind when you are listing new content and make sure to list it on all your social media platforms as well. When you first open your shop, it’s important to make sure you can secure your business name on all the social media platforms you can think of. This way, even if you don’t use that particular one, nobody else can use your name!

Wear/advertise your products EVERYWHERE!
If you make any kind of wearable accessory (ie. jewelry, crocheted creations, clothes) you should definitely be wearing them as much as possible! This gets your products genuine (free) exposure! You’re giving other people the opportunity to ask about the product and potentially grow your customer base so you’ll want to do this as often as possible! If you have other products that aren’t wearable, just make sure you’re using them whenever applicable in a public setting.

Be unique!
If you’re working in a very saturated market, the best thing you can do to help your Etsy business thrive is to be unique! Add a twist to your Etsy business that makes you stand apart from others doing the same thing. If you sell crocheted items and there’s not much of a twist you can add other than your original work, maybe send a lollipop in each package to let your customers know they’re special. Even a small token of gratitude will be remembered for a long time!

Consider how you’ll advertise outside of social media.
Will you only use social media to advertise or will you use word of mouth as well? Word of mouth is a great way to advertise, but it can be hard to gain traction when you’re first beginning. A great way to get some awesome word of mouth advertising is by having someone review your product! You can reach out to bloggers to review your items, friends and family, and you can even host a giveaway for one of your products and ask for a review if they enjoyed it! Ultimately, word of mouth is just as important but you’ll have to set a plan of action to get what you want out of it.

How long have you been working on your Etsy business? Which of these are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below!


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